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Name: Sanagi to Ousama
Alternate Name: A Pupa and King; the chrysalis and the king
Year of Release: 2000
Status: Ongoing
Author: Natsumi Rin
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
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Sekina's a rebellious teenager who can't seem to plan ahead more than one day at a time. At school, she's seen as a problematic student in the eyes of her teachers. At home, things aren't going well with her mother who's a single mom. The only place she feels at peace is at Ageo's rock cafe. There, she meets Yanagi. Yanagi understands the pain she carries deep within her, and she finds herself slowly falling for him. One day, Sekina finds herself face to face with Yanagi again... but this time, he's the substitute teacher for her class...?!

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