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Miyamoto-san Maji de Yamete Kudasai!

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Name: Miyamoto-san Maji de Yamete Kudasai!
Alternate Name: Miyamoto-san Honki de Yamete Kudasai
Year of Release: 2013
Status: Ongoing
Author: Iwasaki Masakazu
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen
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Read Miyamoto-san Maji de Yamete Kudasai! Manga Online

In a land far, far away exists a tiny kingdom named Momonofu. It is ruled by the Momonofu family – that is, the king, the queen, and the prince. Well, the prince is actually a girl, but that is just a trivial detail. The prince’s princess’ hobbies are eating snacks, collecting stuffed animals and dreaming of world domination. Enter Miyamoto, the faithful butler of princess Apricot, who’s actually a super sadist and possesses superhuman butler powers. Together with various other companions they set out to conquer the world – or at least to mess up princess Apricot’s daily life!

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