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Kuro Hakubutsukan Springald

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Name: Kuro Hakubutsukan Springald
Alternate Name: Black Museum Springald, The Black Museum: Springald
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Completed
Author: Fujita Kazuhiro
Genre: Historical, Horror, Mystery, Seinen
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Read Kuro Hakubutsukan Springald Manga Online

The Black Museum holds criminal memorabilia from the many cases that have been investigated by Scotland Yard. In this fictional re-imagining of the popular legend, a visitor comes to see a piece of particular interest, the leg of Spring-Heeled Jack. When the curator guides him to the piece, he begins to tell his story of the case of Spring-Heeled Jack, which began in the late 1830s. The earlier adventures of Spring-Heeled Jack involved an eccentric nobleman named Walter, who used his specially made suit to harass women. After an encounter with a very strong-willed woman named Margaret, Walter hung up his Spring-Heeled suit for good. Three years later, Spring-Heeled Jack returns, this time with a penchant for murder. Detective James Rockenfield first suspects Walter, but soon it begins to seem that someone else has taken up the mantle... [tethysdust]

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