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Kayashimashi No Yuuga Na Seikatsu

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Name: Kayashimashi No Yuuga Na Seikatsu
Alternate Name: Kayashimashi No Yuugana Seikatsu, Kayashimashi’s Graceful Life, La Vie Raffinée De M. Kayashima (french), Mr. Kayashima's Graceful Life, Mr. Kayashimashi’s Graceful Life, Mr. Kayashima’s Graceful Life
Year of Release: 2009
Status: Ongoing
Author: Tono Haruhi
Genre: Drama, Yaoi
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Read Kayashimashi No Yuuga Na Seikatsu Manga Online

This series follows the life of Sumito Kayashima. Sumito is a spoiled, wealthy yet lazy young man. Sumito doesn't work. He spends his days going to parties and frivilously spending away his wealth on antiques, books he doesn't intend to read, and other such things. His daily routine and interests are managed by his hired conversationalist/secretary Koizumi. Sumito seems to be the quite, naive little rich boy but when night comes his innocent mask comes off to reveal a much more conniving and wanton man.

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